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David J. Pernikoff, MD, PC is an experienced, internal medicine physician located in Florissant, MO. Dr. Pernikoff and his staff have been serving the North County community for over 30 years. The practice is known for being a warm and family-friendly place, with my patients representing generations of the same family.

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2865 Netherton Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63136


(314) 653-1600

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About Dr. Pernikoff

Dr. Pernikoff is licensed by the state of Missouri, and specializes in internal medicine. He treats a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions. He has additional interests in diabetes, cardiology and geriatrics.

He is certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance, American Diabetes Association and the Diabetes Physician Recognition Program.

Dr. Pernikoff is a native of St. Louis, MO. He attended Brandeis University and graduated from University of Missouri - Columbia School of Medicine with his Medical Doctorate in Internal Medicine. He participated in residency programs at Methodist Hospital in Dallas, TX.

Dr. Pernikoff is on staff at the following hospitals:

BJC Christian Northeast

DePaul Medical Center

Missouri Baptist Medical Center

He is also affiliated with several nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities in the North County area.



We accept major insurances including but not limited to:


Anthem BCBS








United Health Care (UHC)



Your First Visit


We are pleased that you have decided to use Dr. Pernikoff as your primary care provider. Please read the following to make sure your first visit (and all visits) is a positive experience.


Arrival time
Please plan on arriving 20 minutes prior to your appointment time to ensure that we have time to process your registration information.

Complete the attached paperwork
Complete the New Patient Registration Forms and attach a copy of the front and back of your insurance card(s). You can either mail or fax the packet back to the office. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Bring your current medications with you
It is also helpful if you can tell us what has been prescribed to you by current and past specialists as well as by your previous primary care physicians.

Please bring your insurance card(s) and driver’s license
Your co-payment will be collected at the time of your visit. Please note your financial responsibilities, such as deductible and the limits of your coverage. Please contact your insurance company before your visit to find out exactly what is covered and your financial responsibilities. We will submit your claims to your insurance carrier for you.

Be prepared to spend 30 – 45 minutes at your initial visit
After taking your history, we will perform an exam. After we have completed our testing, we will discuss an initial treatment plan with you before you go home.

Please notify us 24 hours in advance if you cannot keep the appointment
We reserve the right to charge a no-show fee for a missed appointment. Your courtesy makes it possible to schedule another patient who may be ill.


Our Staff


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Patient Testimonials


“Our family has been with Dr. Pernikoff since 1991. In the 22 years that we’ve been with Dr. Pernikoff, he has cared for my husband, my 92 year old mother and me. When we started seeing Dr. Pernikoff, my husband was suffering from a heart condition and had undergone surgery the year before. Dr. Pernikoff’s attention to his condition and subsequent side-effects and related situations has been relentless. He has monitored my diabetes with great care and has gotten the disease within controllable limits.Dr. David Pernikoff is an excellent doctor and person. He has a great deal of compassion for his patients. His medical experience and professionalism radiates his passion. Our admiration for him as our doctor has no bounds. We would easily recommend Dr. David Pernikoff to anyone in need of comfortable, expert care.”

“My first introduction to your practice was when my girl friend, Pam, now my beautiful wife of 48 years, ran her hand through the glass on a storm door and I took her to the office on Hwy. 67 at Jennings Station Rd. in Sept. 1964. That office was Pam’s family’s practice. I did not have a regular doctor and I became a regular patient there. Then panic sets in when your first told that one of your regular doctors you see died suddenly and another one is retiring. Now you meet a young man with a round face and all of a sudden, he is your doctor. I have watched you grow professionally, assuming the whole practice and expanding your patient list. You have seen us through many medical problems and had our health and care as your first priority. If you said something to us that was the fact and we never questioned your dedication to helping us. The many years of “my back, butt, neck, leg, arm, toe, knee and on and on hurts” build up and sometimes create a monster for a day but friends accept that we all have those days and we shrug it off. On those days his outstanding staff find ways to make it just another pleasant visit even though it may include a poke in the arm with a sharp needle. Remember, we as patients only go there to crab about something on every visit and never just go to tell him what a great day we are having so be grateful that he cares about you even on the bear days. One last thing that stands out to me is that he always shares news about how his kids are doing or what restaurants or movie he and his wife just went to. That’s when you catch the smile on his face and pride in his voice. You are more than our doctor, you are also our friend and we want to thank you for all you do for us.” 



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